Baggage Barrows


The Baggage Barrows are manufactured to conform with the following standards.  Australian Work Place Health and Safety
International Air Transport Association
Australian and New Zealand steel structure code
Australian National Standard for Plant NOHSC: 1010

Length overall including tow bar 5200mm
Length of deck 3900mm
Width 1800mm
Height 650mm
Wheel Base 2400mm
Track width 1200mm front, 1400mm rear
Towing speed  20 km/hr
Turning radius 4 trailers in line  8 m
Total Weight 300kg
Rated to carry at 20km per hour 1200kg
Finish Galvanizing

Painted safety yellow
Tow bar, tow hitch

Deck – Heavy wall pipe outer on structural frame, tapered 2 degrees to center (to allow for water drainage), 3mm galvanized sheet floor with 5mm drainage gap along centerline of trailer, light wall pipe headboard and tailboard welded to frame, industrial quality vinyl tarpaulin with stowage enclosure fixed to headboard.

Undercarriage  – Square hollow section framework, industrial slew ring (rated to 1.7 T), 9 x 14 alloy wheels, pneumatic tyres, 40mm sq. industrial axle stubs, park brake system incorporated with draw bar (brakes activated when draw bar in stowed position), standard Hydeng GSE drawbar / tow-pin configuration.

Spare Parts

Rims and tyres

Description Part No
Rims BB 660-835, 9 X 4.5
Tyres BB 670-320
Hub BB 860-A524


Front and rear axles

Description Part No
Front BBF 915MM, 40MM SQR
Rear   BBR 1245MM, 40MM SQR


Brake linkage


Description Part No




Slew ring

Description Part No
Slew ring 650   BB 650 slew ring



Description Part No
Tarp (color of your choice)      BB tarp (color)


Nuts and Bolts


Description Part No
Slew ring  9/16 X 1 ¾ HT
Axles 9/16 X 1 ¾ HT
Draw Bar    M8 X 30MM
Draw bar pin  ¾ flat washers, M5 X 40 split pins

Draw bar

Description Part No
Draw bar BB D652 i5
Front tow eye BB D652 i51


Tow Hitch

Description Part No
Handle BBTH handle
Pin BBTH pin
Spring BBTH spring
Spring collar   BBTH spring collar
Roll pin  BBTH roll pin
Complete weld on unit   BBTH Complete unit