20ft Low Profile Trailer


The 20ft low profile trailer is manufactured to conform with the following standards.  Australian Work Place Health and Safety
International Air Transport Association
Australian and New Zealand steel structure code
Australian National Standard for Plant NOHSC: 1010

Length overall including tow bar 8290mm
Length of deck 6636mm
Width    2660mm
Width between end side guides 3210mm
Height to top roller 508mm
Towing speed   10 km/hr
Total Weight 3200kg
Finish Galvanizing

Painted safety yellow
Walk ways, tow bar, tow hitch, container stops, NO STEP between each roller.

Painted red
Hand brake handle

The pallet trailer is capable of transporting, any of the following:-

ONE (1) PGA Pallet 96" x 238.5 (2’438mm x 6’058mm)
ONE (1) PRA Pallet 96" x 196" (2’438mm x 4’478mm)
ONE (1) P1P Pallet 88” x 125”    (2’240mm x 3’180mm)

ONE (1) Trent engine Rollover transports HU55418 –the stop will be arranged as per information supplied by customer.

Spare Parts

Front caster assembly


  Description Part No
1. Axle horizontal housing  HYD20F Item1
2. Axle housing HYD20F Item 2
3. Top mounting plate HYD20F Item 3
4. Mounting pin HYD20F Item 4
5-6. Mounting housing HYD20F Item 5-6
7. Tyre rim  HYD20F Item 7
8. Hub   HYD20F Item 8
9-10. Rim covers HYD20F Item 9-10
11-12. Horizontal housing plates HYD20F Item 11-12
13-15. Mounting bolts HYD20F Item 13-14-15
16-17. Rim mount cover bolts HYD20F Item 16-17
18-19. Solid rubber, Front: 266x166mm HYD20F Item 18-19
20. Complete bearing kit HYD20F Item 20

Rear caster assembly


  Description Part No
1. Mounting frame  HYD20R Item 1
2. Axle HYD20R Item 2
3. Solid rubber, Rear: 400x133mm HYD20R Item 3
4. Bearing kit  HYD20R Item 4
5. Tyre rim HYD20R Item 5
6. Tyre rim bolts  HYD20R Item 6
7. Grease nipple   HYD20R Item 7
8-10. Mounting frame pins HYD20R Item 8-9-10
11-12. Axle nut   HYD20R Item 11-12
13. Hubs HYD20R Item 13
14. Grease nipple     HYD20R Item 14
15. Axle grease nipple  HYD20R Item 15



Spare parts other


Description Part No
Roller: 89mmx5mm HYD20 rollers
Roller: bed side rollers HYD20 Bed side rollers
Bed side roller housing HYD20 Bed side roller housing
Container stops HYD20 Container stops
Draw bar   HYD20 Draw bar