LD3 / AKH Trailer


The LD3 / AKE trailers are manufactured to conform with the following standards.  Australian Work Place Health and Safety
International Air Transport Association
Australian and New Zealand steel structure code
Australian National Standard for Plant NOHSC: 1010

Length overall including tow bar 3339mm
Length of deck  2826mm
Width 1860mm
Width between end side guides 1660mm
Height to top roller 510 mm
Towing speed    24 km/hr
Turning radius 4 trailers in line 6 m
Total Weight  600kg
Finish Galvanizing

Painted safety yellow
Walk ways, tow bar, tow hitch, container stops, container stop handles, NO STEP between each roller.

Painted red
Hand brake handle

The AKE trailers have been manufacture to carry only the LD3-AKE containers with a base dimension of 1562mm x 1534mm.

The container dolly incorporates a center turntable bed to allow loading / unloading from either side / end of the dolly.

Running gear on the trailer is a knuckle steering at the front and a fixed axle at the rear, giving a maximum allowable container weight of 2000KG and a maximum speed of 24 KM per hour.

Hand levers for the container stops and bed rotation are situated on both sides of the bed to allow operation from both sides.

These units have been manufactured to highest quality for many years of use with very little maintenance.

The Hydeng GSE LD3 trailer is designed to accommodate the loading/unloading of the following containers:

Spare Parts

Tow Bar

  Description Part No
1. Welding Frame HYDLD3TB Item 1
2. Attachment ring   HYDLD3TB Item 2
3. Brake line puller HYDLD3TB Item 3
4. Turing pin HYDLD3TB Item 4
5. Tow bar up position holder  HYDLD3TB Item 5
6. Prop up pin    HYDLD3TB Item 6
7. Spring HYDLD3TB Item 7
8. M20 x 80 bolt   HYDLD3TB Item 8
9. M20 nut       HYDLD3TB Item 9
10. M10 x 30 bolt          HYDLD3TB Item 10
11. M12 x 45 bolt HYDLD3TB Item 11
12. M12 nut HYDLD3TB Item 12
13. M12 washer   HYDLD3TB Item 13
14. 25 x 140 pin     HYDLD3TB Item 14
15. 4 x 40 split pin       HYDLD3TB Item 15
16. M24 washer      HYDLD3TB Item 16
18. M12 nut   HYDLD3TB Item 18
19. 3.2 x 22 split pin    HYDLD3TB Item 19

Tow Hitch

  Description Part No
1. Tow hitch housing HYDLD3TH Item 1
2. Tow hitch pin HYDLD3TH Item 2
3. Complete weld on tow hitch    HYDLD3TH – Complete

Wheel, Rim , Axle

  Description Part No
1. Axle nut   LD3W Item 1
2. Solid rubber, 15x4 1/2-8
( Dia.376mm, Width 112mm )
LD3W Item 2
3. Axle LD3W Item 3
4. Outer bearing LD3W Item 4
5. Axle nut split pin LD3W Item 5
6. Inner bearing LD3W Item 6
7-9. Rime bolts   LD3W Item 7-8-9
10-12.   LD3W Item 10-11-12
13. Wheel rim   LD3W Item 13
14. Dust cover bolts      LD3W Item 14
15. Dust cover   LD3W Item 15
  Complete bearing kit    LD3W Complete bearing kit

Wheel hub

  Description Part No
1. Wheel hub   LD3 HUB

Steering Assembly

Description Part No
Tie rods   LD3S tie rods
Steering rods   LD3S Steering rods
Axle mount bearing LD3S Axle mount bearing
Axle mount spacer    LD3S Axle mount spacer




Description Part No
1. Turntable roller LD3T roller
2-4-5-6-7-10-11    Turntable release assembly       LD3T TRA
9. Foot peddle rod       LD3T Foot peddle rod
8-15-19. Turntable pin assembly   LD3T Pin assembly

Spare parts other

Description Part No
Brake cable   LD3 Brake cable
Roller: 76mm x 3.5mm
(short, Medium, large) 
LD3 Roller
Bed side rollers LD3 Side rollers
Container stop handles LD3 CSH
Container stops   LD3 CS